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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Hunter Hughes, Director of Data Development

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In older decades, the holiday that was longed for by shoppers all across the United States of America was Black Friday. On this day, the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers will hunt down low prices and demanded gifts to give to their loved ones for the Winter Holidays. However, there is a new holiday that, at this rate, will put the nail in the coffin on Black Friday. This holiday is Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is an entirely new approach to the surge of shopping that Black Friday brings. On Cyber Monday, no one will have to journey out into shops in order to get their better deals on gifts. Cyber Monday is an event hosted completely online. Shoppers that participate in Cyber Monday can stay in their pajamas, curl up with hot chocolate, and buy thousands of dollars of gifts from the privacy of their own home. Contrasting these two events, it is obvious why the day that Black Friday will die is near: convenience.

With the world becoming increasingly more unsafe, when every year there are reports of deaths and injuries on Black Friday, there is a question to be begged: why one would put themselves through the risk and process of Black Friday? Cyber Monday offers a safer and better alternative to take advantage of low prices.

In the end, Cyber Monday is a much better alternative than Black Friday because Cyber Monday offers a safer, more convenient way to shop.

Hunter Hughes, Director of Data Development

Hunter Hughes is a junior who serves as the Director of Data Development for the Griffin Chronicle. He has been with the Griffin Chronicle since the beginning...

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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday