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Why Is Everyone Raving About Stranger Things?

Eva Rojo, Staff Writer

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In 2016, Netflix released a show called Stranger Things, and it boomed. A year later, the show is still being raved about by fans of the show. The teenagers who star on the show, are now some of the most famous teenagers in America today. Millie Bobby Brown, a actress on the show, used to have minor parts in mediocre movies. But since her appearances on Netflix, she has been moving on to bigger things only real celebrities encounter such as starring in the new Godzilla movie and being interviewed on the Tonight Show with popular tv host, Jimmy Fallon. I think the real reason that the show blew up is because it  has something for people with different preferences

One of the biggest reasons why people love it is the epic sci fi featured in the show. Wicked monsters and spectacular special effects are included in the show which makes each scene look as if it was real. Demogorgons and the Upside Down come to life in you living room making you lean in for more.

Another reason people love it is because it’s set in the eighties. For years throw backs have been in a trend, and throwing back into the eighties and nineties for fashion and other things is now in. People, young and old love to recall or imagine the eighties, where there are telephones connected to the wall and Dungeon and Dragons. Stranger Things just captures the perfect time and setting for the show, making a simpler time complex with plot twists.

To add, Stranger Things has added a classical thing that every popular show requires. Love. Stranger things hits love in all types of targets. They have sparks between Hopper and Joyce Byers, teenage love triangles that include Steve Harrington, Jonathan Byers, and Nancy Wheeler. But most people “ship” the main character’s relationship. Eleven and Mike Wheeler. The writers are really talented and unique with that because typically love is expressed on tv with teenagers that are sixteen to eighteen. But with Eleven and Mike, they are about fourteen. In the show, the sparks relate to everyone young and old.

Stranger Things is a good show for everyone. The writers  perfectly seamed together numerous genres into one show that anyone could love. It’s funny, romantic, eery, dramatic, and just a fun show all tied up into one. No wonder the show has a 95% percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season made a splash and the newest season shook up the media leaving fanatics waiting impatiently for more.

Eva Rojo, Staff Writer

My name is Eva Rojo and I’m a freshman. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I could remember. I read a lot, like a lot, and I guess the writing passion...

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Why Is Everyone Raving About Stranger Things?