Texas Church Shooting

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There has been a horrible disaster that took place in Sutherland Springs Texas, a man named Devin Patrick Kelley was armed with an assault rifle and killed 26 people and an unborn child at a baptist church; he even killed his grandmother in law. Survivors say the gunman shot screaming children, and wounded victims say they survived by playing dead. Devin had been walking around the church looking for more survivors to shoot, then a man came through the entrance armed, and shot Devin in the leg and torso; Devin suffered 3 gunshots wounds, including a self-inflicted shot to the head, he was found dead in his own vehicle. Before Devin did all this he was part of the Air force base in New Mexico from 2010 to 2014. He was court-martialed in 2012 for assault on his spouse and assault on his child. Authorities say Gunman went to the church and had a purpose. Martin said “I think he came here with a purpose and a mission.” Devin was obsessed with a domestic dispute and had sent threatening text messages to his mother in law. Authorities knew that he was expressing anger towards his mother in law who also attends the church, but wasn’t there during the shooting. Five years ago Devin escaped a mental health facility after sneaking guns into the air force base and making threats against the commanders. Christopher Leo Longoria went to highschool with Devin and he said on his facebook he would post non-god beliefs, atheism, a lot of gun violence, and a lot of weapons he was into. Devin would abuse his stepson and ex-wife, Devin would violently shake the child, causing the child to get fractures in his skull and a subdural hematoma. Devin has even admitted to pushing his down and injuring him. He has also been arrested in August 2014 on animal cruelty charge.