Amazon In-Home Delivery Service

Courtesy to Flickr

Courtesy to Flickr

Piper Johnson, Staff Writer

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Amazon is coming out with a new system that will deliver your items inside your house instead of on your doorstep.  It is a kit, called Amazon Key In-Home Kit, that you buy and install in your house.  The kit includes Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock.  When you order something off of Amazon, it will send you a notification and you get to decide if you want your items to be delivered to your doorstep or inside your house. Next, the driver is let inside your home after you confirm your address and time you want your purchase to be delivered.  After that, your door is unlocked and the camera starts recording.  While I do see this as practical and helpful, there are complications that could arise.  

Although Amazon is a very trusting brand, the person delivering your order could not be as trustful, especially if they have the access to the inside of your house.  While delivering your purchase inside your house, you can watch from your phone the whole process to make sure they are not stealing anything.  The delivery person can easily disconnect the camera, leaving you with having no idea on what is going on.  This can lead to your house getting robbed.  Also, if there is anyone else at home during the delivery process and you were to get robbed, you never know if that person could have weapons or hurt the people at home.  Another problem that could arise is someone that doesn’t work for Amazon getting the addresses of customers and arriving at their houses.  Companies get broken into all the time and people’s personal information which includes your address, credit card information, etc. gets shared with the wrong type of people.  Personally, I think the idea is smart and innovative but it could use a few more precautions before launching it.  In this generation, we are always looking to make things easier and faster, which this idea relates to.  While I do think this will help people, I think the security needs a little more improving.