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Why Mint is Miraculous

Max Hawk, Staff Writer

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Mint is one of the greatest flavors–nay, sensations–known to man. Cooling and crisp, mint elevates the taster to cloud nine with a burst of refreshment. Not everybody is in love with the deliciousness that is mint, and those people are truly missing out.

Mint is marvelous in all of its various forms. It can be great as just a plain mint, which leaves the consumer feeling clean and satisfied. The true glory of mint, however, shines through when it is combined with other things. It is famously paired with chocolate, a match made in heaven. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a beloved frozen flavor that is close to the hearts of many, which makes sense because it has both of the best flavors in one dessert. There’s a reason that Thin Mints are a true classic when Girl Scout cookie season rolls around; who can resist the temptation of a crunchy chocolate covered mint cookie? Merely describing the treat makes my mouth water in anticipation. Even Olive Garden understands that adding mint makes life better, and they give out little chocolate mints at the end of every meal. Olive Garden is the hero America deserves.

Mint is a feeling as well as a flavor. The slight burning, the tantalizing tingle that dances around your mouth is characteristic of this wonderful food. Not only do you get sweetness, but you are left gloriously refreshed. Enemies of mint may argue that mint can be too overwhelming and makes your eyes water, but a wise connoisseur can differentiate between good and bad mints. Actually, it doesn’t take a connoisseur; anybody with taste buds can appreciate nice minty flavor, and they should be able to understand that some bad experiences don’t represent mint as a whole. Mint should be revered because it is one of the most delightful tastes in the culinary world.

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Why Mint is Miraculous