Once Upon A December: A Choral Spectacle


The Spectacular Choir!

Sai Svati, Staff Writer

If one wanted to be entertained through song and talent, ‘Once Upon A December’ was the place to be. The show was fun filled, talent overflowing, and just visually and auditorily pleasing. The choir and the band put on the best show with many solos by voices that can even put great singers to shame.

It will come as no surprise when you hear that these guys started practice for the show on October 30th. The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ was proved right by them.

Below is an exclusive interview from Sophia Soule,a member of the coveted choir:

Q.When did you guys start practicing for the show?

A. The 30th of October.

Q.How many hours a day do you practice?

A.We practice for a minimum of 3 hours a day but sometimes 5 hours. It increases when there is a show coming up.

Q.How do you balance practice and homework/schoolwork?

A.We get sometime in the 0 period or 3rd period to do our homework.

Q.What are some DOs and DON’Ts before the show?

A.DOs : Always smile, Straight arms, Focus and sing aloud.  DON’Ts : Don’t talk!

Q.How do you keep your energy high throughout the entire show?

A.We sleep well the night before, eat well and get lots of Starbucks (caffeine)

Q.Who is the favorite senior?

A.Sara Bell is my favorite senior. She is phenomenal.

Q.Is there a pre-show ritual? If so, what?

A.Yes, there is a pre-show ritual.We form a circle and everyone talks about how we should give it our best and how much we love each other.

Q.Which is the best show; the first or last one?

A.Last is always the best because we give it our all.

Q.If you could change anything from this show, it would be?

A.If I could change anything from this show it would have to be the quick changes that were made last minute. We were late and didn’t make it to the stage on time.

Q.Finally, why should more people watch the choir perform?

A.Watching the choir show is like watching a real life Broadway performance. We have the best singers and groups who work really hard to be the best version of themselves.