Do Griffins Travel During The Holidays?

Hunter Hughes, Director of Data Development

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Many people throughout the world and in the United States choose to travel during the holidays in order to visit their families or to just visit a nice place. When I asked some Griffins, of a poll of over two hundred Griffins, what their holiday plans were, whether they were traveling or not, thirty-four percent of Griffins said that they were traveling while sixty-six percent said that they were not.

Some of the reasons, when asked why they were traveling, is that they wanted to visit their family or that their family had decided to travel to somewhere nice to enjoy the holidays. Some of the most popular destinations that people are heading to are Hawaii, Florida, or Texas. When asked why people were going to Hawaii, Florida, or Texas they said that their family chose a tropical destination in order to avoid the harsh winters of places like the Northeast or different countries with the mostly cold weather during the winter like Canada.

A sizeable percentage of the student body had decided to stay at home for the holidays. When asked about some of the reasons why they are staying home for the holidays, students had said because much of their family is located near them. Another reason why students are staying home is that they love California’s fairly warm weather during the holidays and going to the beach with their friends during the Winter break.
When conducting this poll, most of the people who said that they were traveling stated that they would travel to the seaboards of the United States of America or to Hawaii. There had been very few people who said that they were leaving out of the country to places like Tahiti or Fiji.