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Eva Rojo, Staff Writer

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By: Eva Rojo

Question; when was a time in your life when you were happy?
“I was happy when I got casted as a role I really wanted in The Nutcracker”- Elsa Ayala, sophomore

“My happiest moment was when I found out I got into advanced dance. I was really proud myself and everyone around me supported me. I’ve never felt so proud of my life”-Julie Mayuga, senior

  1. “This summer I went to Chicago and I really loved the city. Well I really like walking around the city because it was different from LA and at nighttime it was especially pretty with all the lights” -Piper Johnson, Senior 
Eva Rojo, Staff Writer

My name is Eva Rojo and I’m a freshman. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I could remember. I read a lot, like a lot, and I guess the writing passion...

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