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Late Start Wednesdays: Midweek Saviours

Max Hawk, Staff Writer

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A beloved aspect of the Los Alamitos High School schedule is Late Start Wednesday. This marks a morning where students have the option to avoid waking up at a painfully early hour. Students gain an extra forty-five minutes with which to do as they please.

Sleeping in, going out for breakfast, or finishing up homework are all opportunities that present themselves on these glorious mornings. Some may argue that it would be better to have the occasional full day off from school rather than these frequent, fantastic late starts. However, these people are wrong. Being able to start the day later makes the entire rest of the school day seem shorter–much shorter it really is. Late starts may only shave a few minutes off each class period, but the day tends to speed by when students get to start on the right foot. These late mornings provide crucial revitalization for burned-out, exhausted high schoolers who desperately need a break without letting them misuse too much time.

It is much easier to squander days off by sleeping in until noon. While late starts can also be spent sleeping, it is a mere half hour lost compared to the possibility of excessive hours falling prey to the snooze button. People are more likely to spend late starts hanging out with friends and going to get breakfast when they all still have to go to class after. This makes high schoolers more likely to fuel up in the morning, which is a precursor to better health and a stronger ability to focus during the day. Because of this, these mornings make it easier for students to succeed rather than to mindlessly lose a day of the year.

Late Start Wednesdays provide much-needed relief halfway in the week; they are honored for all the good they do for Los Al students.

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Late Start Wednesdays: Midweek Saviours