Christmas Movies Over The Decades


Christmas Movies One Can Watch Over This Break.

Sai Svati, Staff Writer

‘Tis the season to be happy and share the happiness with your loved ones. What better way to do this than bond over a movie. Turn on a Christmas movie and just let your senses guide you from there. Watching Christmas movies have a special effect on the human mind. There is certainty that everything will be well at the end because it is a Christmas movie. Just imagine being warm and cozy. Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate. Favorite blanket and numerous pillows. Legs stretched to the warmth of the fireplace and a really good Christmas movie. Well, it is time to bring this imagination into reality.

Christmas movies have evolved over the decades. Here is a list of Christmas movies from 1950s to 2010s that you can watch this year while sipping on some hot chocolate.

1950s – The Great Rupert is a story about a squirrel that accidentally helps two dysfunctional families to overcome their problems during Christmas.

1960s – Pocketful of Miracles is a movie about how a couple helps a mom look like a rich heiress to impress her daughter and her rich boyfriend.

1970s – Scrooge is a movie about how a miser is visited by his doomed business partner’s ghost. The ghost talks about three spirits that would visit him that night.

1980s – Gremlins is a movie about how a ‘Mogwai’ that should not be exposed to bright light, water, or to fed after midnight. All of this happens and the result is a gang of gremlins that decide to tear up the town on Christmas Eve.

1990s – The Home Alone Trilogy is a story about Kevin who gets left back at his house every time his family goes on a vacation

2000s – Elf is a funny movie starring Will Ferrell who is a human that was adopted by an elf. Buddy-the elf, returns to New York to find his father and help Santa save Christmas.

2010s – A Christmas Carol is a re adaption of Dickens’ Scrooge. The story revolves around how Scrooge is visited by ghosts on Christmas Eve.

You can watch all these movies over the break or just watch the ones you love! Merry Christmas.