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The Pros and Cons of Year Round

Hunter Hughes, Director of Data Development

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Next year, Los Alamitos High School will completely convert to a year-round schedule. This transition has its pros and its cons. Here are some of the reasons for or against a year-round schedule:


  1. Con: A Short Summer:

During the transition to a year-round schedule, Juniors, Sophomore, and Freshman will have to endure a very short summer. We usually start the school year at the end of August and finish in the beginning of June. Next year, we start in early August, which means we will have a shorter summer because this school year ends In June


  1. Pro: More Time for AP Classes

In the current model of how things are running, after AP Exams, students who take AP classes literally have nothing to do and most of that time is to put forward extra credit. With the year-round model, students who take AP Classes will have more time to prepare for them.

Hunter Hughes, Director of Data Development

Hunter Hughes is a junior who serves as the Director of Data Development for the Griffin Chronicle. He has been with the Griffin Chronicle since the beginning...

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The Pros and Cons of Year Round