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Staying Home Over Breaks

Being at home can provide a much-needed break.

Being at home can provide a much-needed break.

Being at home can provide a much-needed break.

Max Hawk, Staff Writer

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Breaks from school tend to be revered like gods by high schoolers desperate to escape the drudgery of day-to-day education. However, the way one uses the newfound free time is often judged by peers. Stories about travels or adventures are sought after and often expected, but in a lot of cases students simply spend the break in the comfort of their own home. While taking trips and engaging in lavish experiences may make a better tale upon returning to school, there should be no reason to frown disappointedly or make a critical remark when somebody states that their reprieve from school was spent in casual, local relaxation. The latter choice can even be viewed as a smarter way to spend one’s time off.

Students generally look forward to winter and spring breaks with childlike anticipation, as they need a rest from the demanding academic environment. There is no better way to recover than by staying at home, taking it easy, and unwinding. Travelling comes with the unappealing burden of planning and packing, not to mention the fact that in order to get to the destination, there will likely be a few hours spent in a plane or car. Neither of those options provide much leg room, whereas a nice, cozy living room sofa allows one to sprawl out and truly enjoy freedom.

Not only does staying at home provide better rest, but travelling often can be just as draining if not more so than school itself. Time zone differences, stress of acclimating to new environments, and energy spent participating in activities can all result in a more exhausted student rather than a well-rested one. If break is an opportunity to recuperate, it is wise to spare the mind and body from any avoidable strain. Travel can be an absolutely wonderful thing and can add meaning to life, but a relatively short break from school such as winter break  is not necessarily the best opportunity to go on such trips.

For those who do not feel physically and mentally worn out after the beginning months of school, utilizing winter break to see other parts of the country or world may be apt. However, there are a majority of high schoolers who need nothing more than the simple relief of not having school to get the most enjoyment out of the break.

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Staying Home Over Breaks