Do Griffins Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Hunter Hughes, Director of Data Development

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It is the New Year, Griffins! On behalf of all of us at the Griffin Chronicle, I would like to wish all of you Griffins a prosperous 2018! Every year, hundreds of people make New Year resolutions in order to fulfill goals that they did not fulfill last year or set new goals for the new year. In order to see how many Griffins made New Year resolutions, I conducted a poll out of a hundred Griffins. Out of a sample of a hundred students, only thirty percent had actually made a New Year’s resolutions.

This had actually surprised me because I thought more Griffins would actually make a New Year’s Resolution. when I asked some Griffins why they did not make a New Year’s resolution, some said that they were perfectly content with their lives, forgot to, or did not have time for it. Some people who had actually made a New Year’s resolution focused on things such as losing weight, raising grades, and becoming more social. One Griffin named Jackie Junkes had stated that her New Year’s resolution was “going on a diet.”

Some of the other things that Griffins mentioned that were some of the reasons that they did not make a single New Year’s resolution was very impactful. They had mentioned the idea that New Year’s resolution was unnecessary because one should always be trying to improve themselves regardless of what time of day, week, month, or year.

Overall, when conducting a poll on if Griffins made any New Year’s resolutions, I was surprised about some of the responses I received, but it turns out that many Griffins do not make any New Year’s resolutions.