Makeup and Diet Culture Affect Teen Girls Negatively

Many young girls own lots of makeup and do full faces every day.

Many young girls own lots of makeup and do full faces every day.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

How many young girls do you know that wear a full face of makeup every day?  That cannot stand to go out barefaced, that spend all their money on makeup and all their time watching online tutorials?  How many of them also diet, count calories, or worry about their weight? These things are harmful results of makeup and diet culture.

With all of the images of skinny teenage actresses and models with faces full of makeup, teenage girls believe that wearing makeup and being thin are necessities to being beautiful.  They believe that it is not socially acceptable to go out without makeup, or not be skinny.

Let’s start with makeup.  Most people, especially teen girls, think that there is nothing harmful about this.  However, girls who wear makeup every day tend to become less comfortable with how they look naturally, and begin to develop self esteem issues.  This harmful makeup culture is what leads girls to believe that only makeup can make them “truly beautiful”, during the time of their life they are most vulnerable and more susceptible to believing these kinds of things.  This affects them for the rest of their life, and causes psychological harm and self-image issues.

Regarding weight, many girls see their mothers dieting, or refusing to eat something because it is too fattening.  They start to believe that they should do the same. In fact, studies have shown that 50 percent of teenage girls use some sort of unhealthy method to control their weight.  That means that all those girls do unhealthy things to lose weight or make sure they do not gain any. This negatively impacts their health, and shows that they have low self esteem, and a negative body image, since they are not comfortable with their natural bodies and weights.  

The point of all this is that teenage girls are influenced by these things- makeup culture, diet culture- all their life, and it affects their lives negatively.  We need to stop showing and telling girls that they need to wear makeup and be skinny to be pretty. This only hurts them, and even the girls who don’t conform to society’s standards, who don’t wear makeup, and don’t have disordered eating habits, are affected by this.  We need to make them more comfortable in their natural bodies, because that’s what they are– natural.