Vaping and its Effects


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Neither the cigarette nor the vape pen do any good.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

Many teenagers vape instead of smoke. Since vaping is often considered to be less dangerous than smoking, which is true.  However, while vaping is not as harmful to your health as smoking, it still has many negative effects and consequences.

To begin with, vape products contain nicotine, which is addictive and not good for your heart and arteries.  Also, if your brain is not fully developed, vaping can harm it and not allow it to develop. This would affect your attention span and your memory, parts of your brain that are very important.  Beyond that, some types of vape juice contain ingredients that could cause cancer, and some contain a chemical that causes a type of lung disease.

Another negative consequence is not health related but affects everyone at school.  Many students vape in the school bathrooms, and this sometimes sets off the fire alarms.  This interrupts everyone’s school day, annoys the teachers and students alike, and gives some people headaches from the loud beeping and flashing lights.  Also, since this causes the fire alarms to go off more often, if there was an actual fire, nobody would believe it since there have been so many false alarms.

Overall, vaping, while better for your health than cigarettes, is in no way beneficial for your health, and if you do it at school, it affects your teachers and fellow classmates.