Choir Makeup: Mandatory or Not?


The choir girls must wear makeup for all of their shows.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

In choir, makeup is mandatory for the girls, but not for the boys.  How is that fair? The boys do not have to wear any makeup, and yet the girls must wear eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, and blush.  Not every girl wants to wear makeup, and not every girl wants to wear the makeup that choir requires. To add on to this, boys are not required to wear any sort of makeup.  So, what is fair about that?

First off, not every girl in choir wants to wear makeup, and that choice should be respected.  Some girls just like singing and joined choir because of that. They should not be required to buy and wear makeup just because of their love for singing.

Also, some people’s skin is really sensitive and they break out a lot.  Makeup can cause acne, so asking a bunch of teenage girls, some who might already have skin problems, to wear makeup for hours at a time is not very fair.  They should be allowed to not wear makeup to help their skin, and they should not get chastised for doing so.

To finish this off, the boys in choir are not required to wear makeup.  Since they are not required, why are the girls? Makeup is not necessary to look professional, or perform better, and if it was, then the boys should have to wear makeup too.  So, either the girls should not be required to wear makeup, or the boys should be required too. Two former choir girls I talked to expressed their dislike of the required choir makeup, and wished it was more like theatre, with makeup required for everyone.  The current choir makeup situation is greatly flawed and needs to be fixed.