Cyberbullying and What the School Will Do About It


With social media being as popular as ever, cyberbullying exists and can happen to anyone.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

In this day and age, with social media being extremely popular and almost everyone in high school owning a phone, cyber-bullying exists and can happen to anyone.  Nowadays, kids can create anonymous accounts and cyberbully others with a low chance of being exposed. So, what do you do if you are being cyber-bullied?  And, if you know the person is from Los Alamitos High School, what will the school do about it? Below is an interview from Mr. Phil Bowen, the Assistant Principal in charge of student services.

He told me that if a student is being cyber-bullied, they should tell him, Mr. Bowen, but if the student is not comfortable doing that, they should tell an adult at school they are comfortable with.  If the cyberbully is someone they know from school, they should tell the authorities who it is, and Mr. Bowen will investigate and deal with the situation as it seems fit. If a student is being cyber-bullied and they know it is another student from Los Alamitos High School but they do not know who the person is, they should again, tell a trusted adult, and if they cannot figure out who the person is, block them.  If there are other people associated with the cyber-bullying, they should try to investigate and find out from those people who the cyberbully is.

If the school finds out someone is cyber-bullying someone else, they will help the victim to the best of their ability, and offer counseling if that is what the person needs. For the cyberbully, there are many different consequences, but at the end of the day, the school wants them to understand why what they did was wrong, and they want them to change their behavior.  Finally, the student should gather as much evidence as they can, such as screenshots, to show the school that they are being cyber-bullied. The more evidence the student has, the better.

Hopefully, none of you will ever need this information, but if you ever do, here it is.  Be safe on the Internet, and make sure to follow these steps if you are ever cyber-bullied by someone from Los Al.