Students Against Hunger Club


From left to right: Kaitlyn Wong, Elizabeth Nguyen, Nyssa Yota, the leaders of the Students Against Hunger club.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

Students Against Hunger is one of the clubs available for students to join at Los Alamitos High School.  To learn more about it and what the club does, I talked with Elizabeth Nguyen, the co president and founder of the club.

The co presidents of the club are Elizabeth Nguyen and Kaitlyn Wong, and the secretary is Nyssa Yota .  The club’s teacher advisor is Ms. Kibtya. The club meets every other Thursday at lunch in room 812. The club is partnered with the Grateful Hearts food bank and every single week members go on Saturday mornings to volunteer.  The club also hosts food drives for the holiday season and fundraisers. Last year they raised 300 pounds of food, all of which helped families in need have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that year. Elizabeth says people should join the club because it is one of the few clubs on campus that are active, they have weekly events, and by joining the club and helping the food bank you know you are making a difference in people’s lives.  She also wanted to let people know that they are always looking for new members to contribute new ideas and help with the food bank, and being in the club is incredibly fulfilling and she and other members love what they do with the club.

This club, Students Against Hunger, helps a good cause and from what Elizabeth said, it seems like a good idea to join it.  You can directly help the community, and gain community service hours. However, it is up to you to make the decision of whether or not to join, but if you choose to, it does not seem like you would regret it.