The First Marching Band Competition


Elizabeth Guelpa, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, 10/13 the marching band had their first competition of the season. They had practice on Monday and Tuesday to prepare. They were supposed to perform at the game on Friday at the halftime show but it got canceled and they were unable to perform. The competition was the band performing their show and getting judged on music and visuals. The scoring is out of 100, equally divided between the judges, they score us in music, visuals, general effect, color guard, and other components of the show and it’s averaged off from all of the judges. They scored a 75.15 in total, earning first place.  

   There are judges that go onto the field and judge from there, watching the visuals on a more individual and small group basis and commenting. There are also judges up in the box who take notes and watch formations and the band as a whole. There was an error in the scoring software that inflated all of the scores, putting the band at a 90.3. That is the highest score that this band has earned in about 4 years. They felt that it was far to high of a score that early in the season so once the email was sent out about the error, everything made sense.