Rainy Championships: XC Updates

Rachel Heller, Staff Writer

On Saturday October 13, cross country runners from Orange County schools and school districts traveled to Oak Canyon Park for the championship races. However the night before, a rainstorm had passed by and rained down on the course. Los Alamitos High School is in the larger school divisions, compared to the medium and small schools. Only four races for Los Al were able to run in the rain before things got chaotic.

 The first race was at 8:15 a.m., freshman girls, and there was a slight mist in the sky. The course was not fully slippery, but it did have a few slippery areas that affected the runners. The weather was about the same at 8:30 a.m. for the freshman boys as well. When the varsity boys started their warm-ups, the rain started moving in a lot more, which as might be expected, caused the course to obtain more mud. When the varsity boys started their race, there were boys sliding all over the place.

 Varsity girls had it equally as bad. They slipped and slid all over the course, but most got right back up and continued running. By the end of the race, the girls had mud stuck and dripping down their legs and all over their uniforms. Having cold rain and mud all over themselves, runners got sick and some obtained a high fever. On the bright side, freshman girls scored the best placement for the large school division in Orange County, placing third! Freshman boys placed seventh, varsity boys placed eighth and varsity girls placed twelfth. This has been a great season and with only one race left to go, finals on October 26!