Formal Tickets: Is The Dance Really Worth It?


Photo Courtesy of Self

The Formal Poster that ASB Put Up All Around the Campus

Elizabeth Guelpa, Staff Writer

The Los Alamitos High School winter formal is almost here. Ticket sales have begun, prices ranging from 80 dollars to 95 dollars. For many this outrageous price is worth the experience. While some find it worthwhile, many are turned  away by the sky-high price. The price of the tickets added to the dress or suit, shoes, accessories, and so much more sounds absolutely horrible to many. The prices of this dance is far higher than anyone would imagine.

In the movies or in T.V. shows, it  never mentions a cost for a dance. While, of course, funds are needed for this dance, not everyone wants to spend over 100 dollars on a dance.

Over one hundred dollars for a dance doesn’t seem worth it. The experience for many isn’t worth the money. The price over the years has increased, losing interest of many students. Often times the price is too high to save over the short amount of time provided. The amount of people attending these overpriced dances decreases as the price raises. Is a dance really worth the cost?

    There are many students who attend only because of friends or parents and they still have to pay hundreds of dollars, on something they don’t even want. These dances are far overrated and overpriced for many students.