LAHS Girls Soccer Reign Supreme!


Photo Courtesy of Jacob Ferrufino

The undefeated Lady Griffins defeat Every Opponent that they Can.

Rachel Heller, Staff Writer

On Tuesday January 22, the Los Al girls soccer team played against Huntington Beach High School. The soccer games are always eventful and entertaining, even the suspenseful moments. For instance, players can make passes from halfway across the field to another player who is closer to the goal. Now, there is a chance that players on the opposing team will run in and steal the ball or intercept it out of bounds. Moments like these are very stressful because you never know if your team is going to get the ball, or if the ball will get taken away.

The girls soccer team at Los Al is very competitive, and always ready to play to any opponent. They are also very active and extremely coordinated in training and practices. These girls have worked so hard, just like all of the sports at our school, but to have a higher ranking among other soccer teams in the state is impressive.

The girls are the number 1 team in the state for soccer. On Thursday, January 24, the girls played against Corona Del Mar at home on the turf inside the track. They easily won this game 4-0 and are still the number 1 team in the state with numerous victories. The cherry on top of the cake is that the girls are the number 1 team in the entire country. So, make sure you go to a game to see the Lady Griffins in action.