Queen of Courts


Rachel Heller, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 25 at the varsity boys basketball game, there was the crowning to determine who was the Queen of Courts. Queen of Courts is a way to represent and recognize girls sports at Los Alamitos High School. There were six nominees, but of course only one could win. When they were being announced, the ladies told the crowd what sport they played, what their interests were and what their favorite memory of this year was. Well, they wrote down the information and the announcer read it to the crowd. They were walked up by either their parents, siblings, or really close friends. Any sports that the girls played were recognized, and they were nominated by one person on the boys basketball team. They were recognized during halftime, taking place of the halftime show, which is usually performed by the cheerleaders.

Mia Lopez won the queen of courts for 2019. She plays varsity volleyball for Los Al. She was wearing a really pretty pink strapless sequined dress. Each of the nominees had what were called “princess crowns” and whoever got crowned could get the “queen crown”. The queens crown was slightly larger than the princess crown. Each nominees also got a bouquet of flowers to take home. They were each recognized by the announcer and came out to the basketball court and had their time to shine. All of the ladies were very pretty. Hopefully they enjoyed the experience of being nominated for the Queen of Courts!