Scholarships for Seniors


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Naviance is a website that has links to scholarships students can apply for, including the PTA senior scholarship.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

As college admissions approach, the seniors have already submitted their college applications and are waiting for the responses, and thinking about the cost of attending their dream college.  Going to college is not cheap, but there are ways to help minimize the cost one must pay to attend. One of those ways is to apply for scholarships.

Scholarships are an easy way to get a lot of money for college.  To apply, one usually has to fill out a form with information about themself, and possibly write an essay or make a video, or do something else to show the scholarship giver why they deserve the money.  Though writing an essay or making a video takes a lot of work, and can take some time, doing so for the possibility of receiving hundreds or even thousands of dollars is clearly worth it, when you take into account the work you would have to do in a job to make that much money.  It would take much longer than a few hours to receive that money at a job.

In addition, scholarships are free money.  You do not have to pay the money back ever, and there are no strings attached, besides having to use the money to pay for college.  The more scholarships you get, the less students loans you have to apply for, which do need to be paid back, with interest, so you pay back more than you recieved.

Scholarships are something everyone should apply for, as it could get you lots of money with only a little work, and it is absolutely free money, to help pay for the expensive college tuition.