Feature That Teacher: School Spirit Edition


A Snippet of Mr. Lee´s Instagram Page

Sai Svati Sundararangan, Editor-in-Chief

School spirit is not only restricted to students, it includes teachers and everyone else who are a part of the school. Most of the teachers on campus are well spirited, but some teachers go above and beyond to display their spirit. Mr. Joshua Lee is an example of a teacher who goes above and beyond. Mr. Lee is a science teacher at the High School and he runs a wildly successful Instagram page that features the spirit. So, I decided to interview him to see what he had to say about his school spirit.

  1. Why did you decide to start an Instagram page?

Mr. Lee: “I decided to start an Instagram page to help showcase what students do inside and outside the classroom. It seems like everyone is on social media, so it is a nice way to publicize and celebrate students when sometimes it would go unnoticed. It’s also a good way to throw in some science, puns, or inside jokes that I have with my classes.”  

  1. What, in your opinion, is the most spirited event on campus

Mr. Lee: “Over the past couple of years, the most spirited event was Griffin Games. But this past season with the #LosAlLocos, the football games were pretty spirited.”

  1. Which among your 216 posts is your favorite?

Mr. Lee: “Out of my posts, definite favorites are the end of the year class photos. It’s a little memento of the year and a complete turnaround from the first day of school where everyone is pretty much a stranger”

  1. I am pretty sure when students find your account, they are thrilled and baffled at the same time. What has been your favorite student reactions over the years?

Mr. Lee: “Students are definitely surprised to find out that I have an Instagram and a Twitter. One of the best reactions was when a few of my chemistry students made a spin-off account and posted random pictures of me that they took throughout the year (mr.leechemistryyy). Also a fun reaction is whenever I pull out my phone and start recording, students know that it’ll go up on Instagram so they get insta-ready.”