What To Look Forward to in the Los Alamitos Dance Program This Year

Get ready for a new year in dance!


Intermediate 1 is diligently practicing their combo dance to "Can You Fell It" by DNCE. Photo Credit: losaldanceprogram

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

Los Alamitos Dance Program is expecting a great year as the first performance slowly approaches. Los Al Dance has five levels of dance containing Beginning, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3, and Advanced. All levels will be joining the fun in both performances on November 14-16th and April 2-4th. Ms. Jones is the director of the Los Alamitos Dance Program and is planning to continue keeping it unique and alive throughout the year. Freshmen this year will soon learn how positive and energetic the Los Al Dance Program really is. Bryn Savitteri, a freshman that joined the Los Alamitos Dance Program, said, “When I first joined Los Al dance, I was very nervous but also excited to make new friends and learn new styles of dance.” She also expressed how she is “…looking forward to the performances, improving [her] technique, and experimenting with new styles of dance” throughout this year of dance.

 Los Alamitos Dance Program starts the first week with some hard-working cardio along with some choreography in between. Building and increasing your muscles is essential for your technique and strength to dance. Dance is all about commitment and perseverance, working hard every day of the week. Los Alamitos Dance Program is looking for this in students during auditions. Making sure that you are eating healthy food, drinking water, and having the right amount of nutrients every day can help you get the energy needed to dance. Dance is considered a sport while also being a way to express music and/or art. Los Alamitos Dance Program helps you express the way the music flows through your mind. Los Alamitos Dance program is excited to show how hard they will be working in the performance!