Important Updates on Vaping

Latest news on vaping suggests that vaping is worse than smoking a cigarette.


High school graduate close call to death after she develops Lung Impairment/ disease from vaping. Now recovering well with the aid of a portable ventilator, she is determined to advocate the dangers of vaping to the next generation. (Pictures Piper Johnson's)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

Vaping may be considered one of the less dangerous tools of ruining your lungs. However, latest news says otherwise when the first death because of vaping occurred in Los Angeles County. The medical condition that stems from vaping does not have a name. The acute symptom areas are as follows: chest pains, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and diarrhea. The person who died was more than 55 years old in Los Angeles County and had “other chronic health conditions” according to the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times newspaper also states that “a total of 12 people in the county have been hospitalized for e-cigarette related injuries […]and almost all of whom had vaped using THC”. While others believe smoking cigarettes are more harmful for your body than vaping, it is actually proven that vaping does more harm to your body faster than smoking. Even though smoking causes “lung cancer, breast cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and other serious diseases, those diseases usually develop after decades of smoking. In contrast, in 2019, it became clear that vaping can “cause seizures and serious lung damage after just a year, possibly less” says National Center For Health Research. 

Mr. Morrison, who was initially an avid smoker, was interviewed to find out more about his story. His family originally smoked before he was born and throughout his childhood. He started smoking at a young age; he continued smoking for thirty years. Morrison reveals that “10 of those years [he] smoked non-filter cigarettes, which [he explains] is really bad for your lungs”. Because he was the only one in his new household who smoked, his twenty-six year old son gave him his first vape pen to stop. He tells me, “that was almost seven years ago.” His family was proud that he had started vaping more than smoking cigarettes because they believed it was healthier. Over time, he became more addicted to vaping than he had ever been to smoking, which lead him to increase his vaping intakes. Soon after, he was hospitalized with pneumonia and “hid it from [his] family. And honestly, [he says he] hid it from [himself]”. He uncovers that the after-effects of smoking a cigarette include feeling nauseous, unwell, or needing to vomit. But, on the other hand, when you vape you do not feel any after-effects which induces the question: how long can I vape until it affects me? Finally, he mentions that “it took decades for us to see the effects of smoking cigarettes, DECADES, compared to the vaping span of about 8-9 years”. The latest deaths from vaping proves that this unknown condition is seriously impacting our society.