Dodgers Claim National League West Championship


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Cody Bellinger is having an amazing year for the Los Angeles Dodgers as he leads them in nearly every batting stat.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

A couple weeks ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched first place in the National League West Division. The Dodgers, who currently have a record of 98-54, and are 6-4 in their last 10 games, clinched the division quite fast as there is a couple weeks left in the season.
The other teams in the NL West Division are the Arizona Diamondbacks (77-75), San Francisco Giants (73-78), San Diego Padres (68-83), and the Colorado Rockies (66-86). Fans believe that the reason behind the Dodgers success is due to the lack of competition in their division. The best team in the division that is behind the Dodgers are the Diamondbacks, who are only two wins above a .500 record.
Winning the Division puts the Dodgers in a good spot heading into the postseason. They don’t have to worry about going through the wildcard round, which is a one game knockout. The Dodgers will start out in the divisional round of the postseason where they will only have to advance through a five game-series and a seven game series before getting to the World Series.
Despite clinching the Division extremely early, the Dodgers currently don’t have the best record in the MLB. Right now, the best record in the MLB is a tie between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros, who both have a record of 99-53. The Yankees and Astros are both in the American League, but they are still the Dodgers biggest competition when it comes to winning the World Series this season. Due to the Yankees and Astros being in the American League while the Dodgers are in the National League, the only way the Dodgers can matchup against one of those teams in the postseason is in the World Series.
This year, the Yankees are the favorite to win the World Series, but the Dodgers have the skill and talent to possibly beat the Yankees in a series.