NFL Week 3: Rams Not Letting Back


Wikimedia Commons

The Rams next opponent, during Week 4 of the season, is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Rams are off to a great start in the NFL this season, as their record is 3-0. The Rams are coming off of a successful season last year in which they made it to the 53rdSuper Bowl. Although they took a loss against the New England Patriots in that Super Bowl, very few fans thought that the Rams would make it so far. Making it to the Super Bowl is an incredible accomplishment, and a difficult one too. Last year’s run provided the Rams with a lot more experience this season, as they are now even more motivated to get back into the Super Bowl again, and this time, win.
The Rams are currently tied for first in the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers. Behind the Rams and the 49ers are the Seattle Seahawks (2-1-0) and the Arizona Cardinals (0-2-1). The other teams in the NFL that also have a 3-0 start are the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and the Greenbay Packers. This year, the Rams’ biggest threats are the Patriots and the Chiefs, who faced off in the AFC Championship game last year, which the Patriots won to move onto the Super Bowl.
Last year, the Rams missed wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who is one of the best receivers on the Ram’s team. Kupp is making a great impact on the team this season. If major injuries are avoided this season, the Rams have what it takes to go all the way again this year.