Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019 is going to a blast this year at Los Alamitos!

Homecoming is a great dance that you should attend.

Homecoming is a great dance that you should attend.

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

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Homecoming at Los Alamitos High School is coming fast, and some students might not have any knowledge of what happens around Homecoming time.. Homecoming, is week filled with many fun thing. There is football game, and a dance in that week. But also in that week is a spirit week.The football game will be at Cerritos College against Fountain Valley on October 11th. The Homecoming dance is the next day on October 12. Not only is there Homecoming that week, but the week is also a spirit week. Each day has a corresponding spirit wear day. Monday is Mime Monday where  students are encouraged to wear stripes or even a mime outfit. Tuesday is Tacky Tourist day. On this day, students could wear tacky clothes, such as shorts and a hat, to dress up as tourists. Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday. Students could wear wacky clothing like funny shirts, mismatching socks, and funny hats. Thursday is Strong Man Thursday where students could wear athletic gear or sports jerseys. Friday is where students should wear Homecoming spirit wear to support the game that everybody will be attending that night. The next day is the dance which will be held here at Los Al. There will be food, drinks, and music for the students. The dance will be a good time for students to have fun with friends and make good memories to look back later in their lives. Homecoming will be next week.Tickets are on sale now for $25 dollars without the ASB card and $20 dollars with the ASB card. Buy your tickets now at the Activities Office, because you don’t want to miss what could be the best dance of your life!