Mario Kart

A dive into the craze over mobile Mario Kart.


Daniel Espinoza, Staff Writer

Mario Kart was arguably one of the most influential games off our childhoods. Friends would race for hours on end, with those races sometimes even ending in catastrophic arguments. Mario Kart can be found on most Nintendo systems, including the DS, Wii, and now even the Switch. Throughout all these great systems, Mario Kart has stood out as a cornerstone for Nintendo video games. 

Realizing the type of audience they could reach, Nintendo recently released a mobile version. The mobile version of the game has quickly gained notoriety in the same realm as Pokemon go, becoming a national phenomenon. Kids who grew up with Mario Kart games can have their childhoods revived in this mobile format. 

Video games have a very far reaching cultural impact. In modern times, kids don’t have to go very far in order to get in on the fun, they can simply download an app and play their favorite games. It goes a long way to have the ability to interact and engage with friends on such a simple platform as a game on a phone. The only possible downside would be the supposed 5 dollar subscription service, but, in a sense, it’s almost understandable considering the price paid for other Mario Kart titles. 

Clearly, Mario Kart has taken the internet by storm, and for good reason too. The game appeals to the senses of nostalgia for kids of every age. Another important factor is that this entertaining game is now available on devices that most people use on a daily or consistent basis. All these make for a fun, easy, and ultimately enjoyable experience (except for when you lose) for everyone involved.