Halloween Festivities

An article about Halloween activities for those in high-school.


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Halloween "Hello October"


October has arrived, and the season of scary movies, spooky decorations and black cats is upon us. Although many of us have outgrown the fun that is trick-or-treating (if you still do, good on you!) there are still many things the average high-schooler can do to have fun in the month of October. Heaven knows we need it, with the massive amounts of stress high-school years can induce.

One of the many activities that students, or people of all ages can engage in, is a haunted hayride. Every year, in October, many different companies arrange a “haunted hayride,” in which people sit in a cart towed usually by a motorized vehicle, through different mazes. Actors scare those congregated in the hay-latent carts, and after the ride, there are usually a few more activities to engage upon. There is typically food, drinks, and various other people in costume to take pictures with,

Another activity would be Knott’s Scary Farm, which is timeless in itself. There are also mazes in such an activity, people in costumes, and not to mention the famous roller coasters. Rumors state that the attractions are sped up during festive events, especially during the ones that are supposed to incite fright. It’d be best to go and see!

Pumpkin patches are a must for October, of course. The family experience of driving to a nearby pumpkin field and searching for the correct specimen with loved ones never grows old. In addition, there is also the added joy of carving said pumpkin when one arrives home. 

Halloween and October, obviously, only come around once a year. It marks the coming of autumn (despite the fact that it officially starts in September), and kicks off festivities from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It’s best to find a way to celebrate it deserving!