Hungington beach air show

The awe and wonder of the Huntington air show


photo courtesy of Ryan De Ramos

Daniel Espinoza, Staff Writer

The Huntington Beach air show has been a staple in Orange County for the last few years, bringing a source of great joy and awe to the beach side community. The ‘performers’ include various stunt planes and military planes alike. Luckily the venue was free, and I personally could be a part of the excitement. 

The show started at 11 and ran until 4. Right off the bat there were biplanes that were able to pull off daring maneuvers, while simultaneously letting off canisters of smoke to make streams within the air. For a while after they continued with various different stunt planes, with one even cutting its engine and diving into a free fall and safely flying above the water. Aside from the aerial performers hundreds of thousands of people flood to the beach side to enjoy food and a sunny day in between planes. 

Along with all the festivities around the beach side, there are multiple streets shut down to put up tents and shops as well as boast various food trucks. My dad and I went to a nearby restaurant and were able to still see the show as well. 

One piece of advice I’d extend for years to come would be to come with earplugs, especially for small children. At various moments throughout the show the planes got extremely loud; at one point, a fighter jet flew straight over our heads and it sounded as if the sky had erupted. But, no amount of noise could prevent the Huntington Air Show from being an incredible event which all people should attend.