Benefits of Having a Garden

A blurb about having a garden.


Yes, while there is an appeal in taking up activities such as playing video games or going to the movies. However, there are other alternatives to spend a day that cans result in beneficial qualities to ones teenage life.

I come from a family where my mother eats mostly meat and my father is a borderline vegan. Despite their differences, there is one dietary trait my mother and father both agree with; vegetables and herbs. 

Ever since I was young, my family has an herb garden, of sorts. We grow chamomile, lavender, and basil, as well as all sorts of things within the array calming plants and other beneficiaries. 

One may ask the benefit of performing such a seemingly arbitrary task. I have found, though, that keeping a garden excites me as there is something fun waiting to be done after school, and we use our home-grown herbs and food in our family meals. 

I also use the verbs that we grow to make different sorts of tea. Lavender tea soothes anxiety, while chamomile helps he fall asleep. Being a student, those benefits are immensely important.

Although lasting stress should be treated by a psychiatrist, and other bodily damages should be regarded by a licensed doctors, plants in gardens can sometimes soothe easier traumas, like small burns and stomach aches.

Having an herb garden increases excitement and enjoyment, aids in home-preparing of a meal, can help relieve stress, and brings families together. Therefore, you should consider an herb garden!