Dreaming in Color

Los AL Dance Programs first show of this year!!

Jasmine Mckernan


Each year the Los Al dance program puts together two amazing shows here at Los Alamitos High School. Our first show is just a few weeks away. This November on the 14th, 15th, and 16th are the dates you are able to see the first dance show of this year. These dates fall on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Everyone is welcome to buy a ticket for any of the three days and on Wednesday, November 13th we have a free preview show for all of the arts at Los Al such as for Choir, and Drama kids. If you are new to Los Al, I suggest at least attending one of the dance shows. You can go with your friends, family and everyone is welcome to purchase a ticket online at the Los Al website. 

Attending a dance show is something you will not regret and it could change you or a loved one’s life just by watching these performances that are sometimes sad, happy, or intense. These shows are something that the teachers and dancers put their heart into making the vision and emotion come to life. The shows will take place in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). During the show, no one is allowed to call out names individually or that person will lose half of their show points but regular cheering, clapping, and laughing is appropriate at the right time. Make sure to buy your tickets as soon as they go up on the Los Al website, seats go fast and when it is sold out it is sold out!