Defying Stereotypes

Stereotypes only invalidate our perspectives and limit our perception of reality.

Stereotypes only invalidate our perspectives and limit our perception of reality.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

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We all know the classic high school cliques: the jocks, the band geeks, the high school nerds, the drama kids, the preppies, and of course, the popular kids. As fellow high school students, we constantly use these stereotypes to classify our beliefs and perceptions of the students around us. But, the rapid, superficial judgment that everyone constantly participates in is rarely ever a true reflection of reality. Although it is easy to use our stereotypical views to classify others, no high school student fully adheres to the limitations we force upon him/her. As we struggle to find ourselves through this era social standards and school pressures, we feel the need to define ourselves by the single most prominent trait in our lives. We put on a persona that amplifies this trait which is often the first (and sometimes the only) thing that others judge us by.
Also, many teenagers (myself included), conform to what other people perceive us as, by using generalized classifications to determine our place in high school and in life. Butt, In spite of our own assumptions and the assumptions of others, we can not be defined by just a single aspect of our identity. Although I might be generalized as a “preppy”, I am much more than just the stereotypical school girl. I constantly try to defy the stereotypical, superficial views others have of me, which has taught me that no one should be solely judged on their appearance and the people they associate with. No stereotype can reveal any person’s depth of character or underlying strength.