Effect of Classrooms Moving

Classrooms have been moving around at Los Al, and it has many effects on students.

Classrooms have been moving at Los Al, and it have been effecting some students.

Classrooms have been moving at Los Al, and it have been effecting some students.

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

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Recently at Los Al High School, there has been construction and classrooms were moved. This has affected teachers and students in both positive and negative ways. Most of the new classrooms are now portables over by the gym. Students at Los Al are affected greatly, especially freshman. For freshman, have just gotten used to where their classes are and the routes they take to get from class to class. Because of these new classrooms, students now have to get used to having one of their classes in a different area. Also, they have to change their route in order to get to the new class. But not all students are affected by this. Some students did not have to move very far or they did not have to move at all. For those students they could probably care less about moving into new classrooms. Not only are students affected, but teachers are affected as well. They have either been in their classroom since they started working here, or they have just got their classroom and are getting used to it when they have to move and get used to another classroom all over again. For teachers, having a new classroom means that they have to move everything from their other class to their new class and then try and fit all of their belongings in their new classroom. But having a new classroom does not have to be a bad thing. Maybe the classroom is closer to another class and it makes it easier to get to. Maybe the classroom is closer to a bathroom, or it closer to the cafeteria which is great for students because no one wants to wait in line. For teachers, their new classroom might be great because of the new location also. It could be closer to the main office, bathrooms, and wherever a teacher may need to go. Overall, the new classrooms have brought many pros and cons for everyone at Los Al, but it’s just getting started because constructoin is here to sat for thge next 2 years or so.