NFL 2019 Season: Week 9


This season is heating up as the playoffs are approaching.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

With the NFL season reaching week nine, that means that the season is entering the second half of its competition. With nine more weeks left, teams look to adjust and improve their play as playoff time is just right around the corner. A team that is looking to improve is the Los Angeles Rams, who currently have a record of 5-3 and would like to continue their winning ways in order to make the playoffs after reaching the Super Bowl last season. Other teams that look to improve as they try to claim a playoff spot are the Houston Texans (6-3), Dallas Cowboys (5-3), the Indianapolis Colts (5-3), and the Philadelphia Eagles (5-4), who were Super Bowl Champions two years ago.
The only team left in the league that still possesses an undefeated record is the San Francisco 49ers (8-0). The New England Patriots had an undefeated record last week but then lost to the Baltimore Ravens, downgrading the Patriots record to 8-1. Other teams with great records are the New Orleans Saints (7-1), Greenbay Packers (7-2), Seattle Seahawks (7-2), Buffalo Bills (6-2), and the Baltimore Ravens (6-2), who were the ones that ended the Patriots perfect record.
Some teams are currently far out of the playoff race, as they have lost many times and have fallen behind from the other teams in the league. These teams include the Cincinnati Bengals (0-8), the Washington Redskins (1-8), the Miami Dolphins (1-7), the New York Jets (1-7), and the Atlanta Falcons (1-7), who made the Super Bowl three years ago, losing to the Patriots. If these teams want a shot at the playoffs, all of them will basically have to go undefeated in the second half of the season, which is almost impossible since teams are stepping up their game.
Within the next few weeks, we’ll get a better look at who is going to make the playoffs, and who isn’t.