NBA 2019-2020 Season: First Month


Wikimedia Commons

The Los Angeles Lakers are on top of the Western Conference for the first time in years.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

The first month of the 2019-2020 NBA season has come to an end as some teams are off to a good start while others are not. There were many different trades and signings just this past offseason, resulting in teams seeing new faces on their roster. During the first month of the season, there is some shocking teams that are so far surpassing or failing to meet expectations.
The Los Angeles Lakers (12-2), are currently first in the Western Conference after the offseason trade addition of Anthony Davis. The Lakers, who missed the playoffs last season, were expected to be better this season, but have to still surprised many basketball fans with how well they are starting this season.
The Golden State Warriors (3-12), who made the NBA finals last season, and have won three NBA championships in the past decade, have not just dropped down to last in the Western Conference, but are currently last in the entire league. The Warriors were expected to decline this season with the loss of Kevin Durant, but they weren’t expected to sink this fast. A main reason for the Warrior’s losing record is the injury of Stephen Curry.
The Boston Celtics (11-2) are atop the Eastern Conference standings at the moment, winning about just as much as the Lakers. The Celtics have been a dangerous team for quite some time, but are finally playing at their peak potential this season. The Celtics suffered the loss of Kyrie Irving this offseason. Despite that, that didn’t faze the Celtics. The Celtics were able to find other talent, covering up that issue with the acquisition of Kemba Walker.
Even though it may look like certain teams have met their fate, this season is just beginning.