NFL Wildcard Race



Professional Football is heating up as the playoffs are getting closer.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

There are only four weeks of professional football, meaning the 2019 NFL season is coming to a close as the wildcard teams fight for a spot in the playoffs. The competitive wildcard game is incredibly suspenseful as there are many teams with similar records that still have a chance to steal a spot and play in the wildcard game.
In the National Football Conference (NFC), there are many teams that are eligible for the wildcard. The teams that are in the run for becomibg a NFC wildcard are as follows: Seattle Seahawks (10-2) who are currently first in the NFC West, San Francisco 49ers (10-2), Green Bay Packers (9-3), Minnesota Vikings (8-4), Los Angeles Rams (7-5), Dallas Cowboys (6-6), Chicago Bears (6-6), and the Philadelphia Eagles (5-7). Right now the most likely division winners are the Cowboys of the NFC East, Seahawks of the NFC West, Packers of the NFC North, and the New Orleans Saints (10-2) of the NFC South. The two teams that are currently in the NFC wildcard game are the 49ers and the Vikings. But if any team was most likely to steal a wildcard spot, it would be the Rams, who have been lagging since making it ti the Super Bowl last season.
In the American Football Conference (AFC), the teams that are in the running for the wildcard are the New England Patriots (10-2), Buffalo Bills (9-3), Houston Texans (8-4), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5), Tennessee Titans (7-5), Oakland Raiders (6-6), and the Indianapolis Colts (6-6). Out of those teams, the two teams that are currently in the wildcard game are the Bills and the Steelers.
Many teams are still trying to ensure their playoff spots, while many other teams are continually being eliminated from the running for the wildcard game. The teams that are competing are desperately trying to improve to remain comperitors even as the season comes to an end.