Happy Stressmas

The holidays can really stress people out and here is how to help it.


Wendell Franks

Wrapping gifts is more of a hassle than you think. (Photo Courtesy of 123RF)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

Maintaining the time you spend cooking food for the holidays or wrapping presents can affect your overall mood and stress level. Making sure that you can spend some time with family without having to do anything will allow your body to take a break. The American Psychological Association talks about the holiday stress and ways for you to help yourself such as to “Clear your head by putting those thoughts on paper (or in an electronic list), marking those with the highest priority”. One of the main stress holders can be that you are too unorganized and need some way to organize things and lower down your stress. Making a list will allow you to examine what pace you should be at. Another piece of advice that was given was to accept “help from supportive friends and family”. The important thing to remember when preparing for the holidays is that you are not alone.
One way to ensure that you do not carry all the weight and work of the holidays is by spending time with your family. Remember to not over do it. Scheduling too many events for family and friends that go back to back can cause a lot of stress and resentment towards some events scheduled. Changing it up every year or two can make it both fun and different for you and your loved ones that are spending the holidays with you. Also, getting enough sleep along with eating the day before the event and after can ensure that you don’t catch the flu or cold from a family member or just from not taking care of yourself.