Take journalism!

Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

My first semester of junior year I decided to choose the elective “journalism”. I’ve always loved to write, but most of my experience in the arena was with the creative portion of such a concept. I knew that to be successful in my writing career, I would have to have practice with all sorts of writing, and Journalism provided me with the perfect opportunity.
The class is taught by Mrs. Castiglione here at Los Alamitos High. Though I wasn’t sure exactly what the course would hold, I had heard several golden recommendations and decided it was worth it to take the leap of faith and enroll in journalism.
I heard from past students that the class tends to be smaller, which was confirmed when I entered the class and was surrounded by only nine fellow students.
The class began with methods on how to write articles, subtitles and other things of that nature, and each of the lessons were informative and helpful, and prepared us well for the upcoming semester.
Once we settled in, we were given a schedule that would be repeated each week:
Monday is for brainstorming, Tuesday is for writing, Wednesday for peer-editing, Thursday for correcting the prior edits, and Friday for finishing and publishing our articles at our website, Griffin Chronicles.
The class has a very open, welcoming environment that helps ease the usual stressful tensions present in high-school. Mrs. C is a wonderful teacher and she helps add to the comfortable environment; similarly, my peers in the class have also made it a very special experience.
I am going to stay in the class next semester, which was not my original plan. Hopefully you’ll give it a try, too.