NFL Wildcard Weekend 2020


Wikimedia Commons

The wildcard round left fans surprised and hyped to watch the divisional round.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

With the wildcard games of this NFL season coming to a conclusion, the playoffs have begun and things are heating up with the eight remaining teams that have a chance at being the champions of this year’s Super Bowl.
This year’s wildcard games left many fans in shock from the result. The four wildcard games that took place just over the first weekend of January. The matchups of that round were Buffalo Bills against the Houston Texans, the Tennessee Titans against the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks against the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Minnesota Vikings against the New Orleans Saints. First off, the Texans overcame a thirteen point deficit against the Bills, besting them in the one game knockout. The Patriots, who were the champions of last year’s Super Bowl, lost in a defensive game against the Titans, losing in the wildcard round for the first time in years. The Seahawks bested the Eagles by having control on the game from the beginning. And the Vikings defeated the Saints in an up and down game that was resulted in overtime.
These games set up the upcoming playoff round, which is the divisional round. The matchups of the second weekend of January consist of the Vikings against the San Francisco 49ers, the Titans against the Baltimore Ravens, the Texans against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Seahawks against the Greenbay Packers. Based on the 49ers success during the season, they are the favorites to win against the Vikings. After defeating the reigning champions of last year, the Titans continue their tough road to the Super Bowl as they face the Ravens, who are the number one seed in the league. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are predicted to best the Texans and advance to the conference round. The tightest matchup of these teams is the Seahawks and the Packers, two teams that have quite a bit of success throughout the season. But based on how the season ended, the Packers are the favorite in that game.
These games will conclude this weekend as we wait to see the result of these excellent matchups that teams are preparing for.