NFL Playoffs 2020: Championship Round


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The Titans have surprised every NFL fan in the league this postseason.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

The second weekend of January was the divisional playoff series of this NFL season. The divisional series capped off with four teams advancing to the championship series while the other four that competed in the series faltered and were eliminated from the playoffs.
The four teams that moved on were the San Francisco 49ers, the Tennessee Titans, the Green Bay Packers, and the Kansas City Chiefs. This year consists of three new teams in the final four, with the only team returning to this series is the Chiefs, who lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC championship round in last year’s playoffs.
The 49ers and the Packers are going to be facing off for the NFC championship title and for a spot in the Super Bowl against the team that comes out of the AFC. The 49ers (13-3), were the number one seed in the NFC this season, so it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to make it this far into the playoffs. The Packers (13-3), tied the 49ers record, but were the number two seed in the NFC due to the 49ers owning the tiebreaker against them. The game that we are going to witness should be a wild one as it consists of just two highly skilled clubs that are very dangerous and very hungry to win a Super Bowl championship.
In the other conference, the Chiefs and Titans are preparing to face off for the AFC championship game. The Chiefs (12-4), were first in the AFC West, securing them from having to play in a wildcard game, and have experience in the championship round due to their success from last season. On the other hand, the Titans (9-7) were the number six seed this season. The Titans beat the Patriots, and the number one seed in the league Baltimore Ravens, to get this far. The Titans have surprised and impressed everyone as they have managed to shut down to top dog teams this playoffs.
The games should be good ones as I’m sure we will see close games and some surprises coming up.

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