Grieving: To Heal You Must Feel

Losing someone important to you is hard; realizing what their impact was on you is harder.


Being with those closest with you can help you through the hard times. (Photo Courtesy of Adalie Landa and Word Art)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

The loss of life is both one of the saddest and meaningful moments in your life that can change you as a person or motivate you even more in life. The most popular influencers, actors, singers, and more that have passed away have left an enormous impact of sadness on those who were close to them and others who were not. But why are people affected by losses when they did not even personally know them? Well, to start off with, those who have had a loved one pass away experience anger and grief. These people fall into a never-ending hole in a motionless state for a long period of time because of how difficult it is for them to move on.
This can possibly also occur for those who are not as close to a person who has passed. For example, Kobe Bryant was an influencer who not only gave the Lakers strength but gave other players and non players confidence to continue to persevere in what you love. Kobe Bryant’s recent death was (and still is) a hard one to cope with for most in both the basketball world and out. Kobe Bryant’s impact on other people inspired them to try their hardest in everything that they do. People mourn over the loss of other people they were not close to because of how big of an impact that person had on them and the world.