NHL Trade Deadline 2020: Red Alert



Tyler Toffoli is one of the many major names that are being thrown around with the trade deadline approaching.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

February, the month of trades for NHL teams due to the trade deadline approaching at the end of the month. The trade deadline is a key part of the season because that is when players’ values are at their peak. It also signifies that there is about a quarter of the season remaining.
This season there are a bit of big names that are being discussed as the deadline approaches. Some of the big names consist of the following players: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Ottawa Senators), Chris Kreider (New York Rangers), Tyler Toffoli (Los Angeles Kings), Kyle Turris (Nashville Predators), Alec Martinez (Los Angeles Kings), and Wayne Simmonds (New Jersey Devils). These are just some of the many players that have had their names tossed around in recent trade rumors. With plenty of teams selling, that also means that there are plenty of teams that are interested in buying. All the players that I named above are most likely going to be traded to playoff teams.
As the playoffs approach, teams are looking to add that skilled player to give them an extra push to make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup. Teams near the bottom of the standings as their playoff window continues to close are most likely looking to unload some skilled players off their roster.
A trade deadline acquisition is key to teams success in the playoffs as most of the time, teams that win the Stanley Cup win due to that extra push that the new face on their roster contributes towards their play.