Kobe Bryant: The Memorial of a Legend


Wikimedia Commons

Kobe Bryant is one of the best NBA players of all time.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

On Monday, February 24th, a memorial was held for Kobe Bryant’s passing. About a month ago, it was announced that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant had both sadly passed away from a tragic and unfortunate accident. Kobe and Gianna were flying in a private helicopter on their way to Gianna’s basketball scrimmage game. Sadly, other than the pilot, they weren’t the only passengers in the helicopter. Riding alongside them were some of Gianna’s teammates and their parents. The helicopter crashed into the side of a mountain as everyone inside passed away from the crash. Most people believe that the reasoning of the crash was that it was foggy outside that day.
The death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, not only left a hole in basketball players and fans hearts, but in the players and fans of other sports hearts as well. People around the world were strongly impacted by his passing, marking that day a very sad day in history.
Kobe wasn’t just a great basketball player, he was a great family man and a great guy as well. Kobe wanted the best for his wife and kids as he constantly cared for them and made sure that the best happened to them.
Kobe Bryant lived a great life as he had an extremely successful NBA career, winning five total championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. But, his life also went beyond his basketball career, as he accomplished many milestones. His passing is extremely tragic, and he will live on in many people’s hearts.