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Baller Problems

Daniel Martinez, Staff Writer

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Playing a sport for four years is not for everyone. Playing a sport, in general, is not for everyone as well. Sports add a whole other set of responsibility to a high school students long list of responsibilities already. To participate in a sport, you have to have the work ethic, the mentality, and the never-quit spirit. Those are just some of the required traits to “participate” in a sport. To actually play and stay in it for four years requires being a “savage”. Now, you might be scratching your head thinking “why would I describe someones work ethic as savage.” By definition, the word savage means fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.

Los Alamitos High School sophomore David Martinez plays for the high school football team, takes a AP World History, and still maintains a GPA of 3.4. For people that don’t know, football is pretty much a year round sport for the next four years of your life should you choose to stay in it for that long. Additionally, taking an AP class guarantees you homework for every night of high school including weekends as well. Football, on the other hand will make you stay after school for at least two hours doing strenuous body work outs and remembering certain plays that the coaches want you to learn. At the same time as this you have to deal with the verbal assaults from your coaches as well. Afterwards, you need to go home, shower, and eat quick. Because now at home you have worry about the 6 outline pages that Mr. Apush assigned you. To juggle this game everyday takes some fierce, violent, uncontrolled work ethic people. So remember, when you decide that you going to embark in the baller life you got to have the savage work ethic.     

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Baller Problems