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Investigating the Criminal Law Class

Makayla Hawk, Staff Writer

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 There are many different class options at Los Al, and one of the lesser known choices is the class of Criminal Law. While it may not be a college prep class, it offers valuable information and is still a good course if students can fit it into their schedules.

According to the school’s curriculum handbook, Criminal Law covers the United States legal system, focusing especially on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It goes over the court system, criminal justice process, classes of crimes, and measurements of crime severity, punishment and the prison system, the rights of juveniles versus adults, the death penalty, and many other controversial criminal law topics. The class is described as highly interactive and tackles criminal justice issues of the country.

Mrs. Hintz-Smith is the teacher who teaches Criminal Law. She gave more details about the class, noting that the course has no textbook. She said that they participate in a lot of partner and group projects as well as presentations. Andrew Guerrero, LAHS senior, took the course during the first semester of his senior year. He said that he “considered it [his] one class to take a breather. Mrs Hinz-Smith taught with passion and knew how to have fun in class. Some of the highlights were watching Law and Order episodes and relating it to what [they] were learning as well as doing projects such a creating [their] own crime or researching a serial killer.” As for the difficulty of the class, Andrew mentioned that Mrs. Hintz-Smith “rarely gave homework and her tests were never challenging if you actually listened to her.” His final comment about the class was that “somehow Mrs. Hintz-Smith never got mad at [them] and this is one of [his] favorite classes [he] ever took.

Criminal Law is a class that can provide students with useful, relevant knowledge about many aspects of the United States government and criminal process. It is a highly viable option for any students looking to take a useful, engaging semester-long class.

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Investigating the Criminal Law Class