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Why coffee is better than tea

Max Hawk, Staff Writer

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The morning can prove to be a difficult time for students who would rather hit the snooze button than get ready for school. To make these dreary early hours bearable, many have a go-to solution: caffeine. Satisfaction for this caffeine craving can come in many forms. Two of most popular are coffee and tea, and there is contention over which of the aforementioned sources is superior. One must decide for themselves whether they’d prefer the classic, intense American favorite of coffee, or the boring, watery leaf liquid known as tea.

There are health aspects to consider for both drinks. Coffee teaches people an important lesson in moderation as it has powerful stimulating effects due to the high concentration of caffeine. Also, for those who enjoy keeping their teeth pearly white, coffee is a safer choice. Tea is more likely to stain one’s teeth. According to, tea is more likely to stain one’s teeth “due to its higher tannin content”; tannin is notorious for causing the discoloration of teeth. Coffee has also been linked to multiple health benefits, including a decreased chance of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. On average, coffee drinkers have been shown to live longer lives, which gives people more time to enjoy their favorite beverage.

Coffee is a much more accessible option and unites people of all kinds. Coffee shops and cafes can be found on every corner, and they sell countless varieties of the drink. From a simple, timeless cup of black coffee to a delicious frappuccino, coffee truly provides a ton of variety for whatever mood the drinker is in. Whether one drinks java purely to get their caffeine fix or to appease a sweet tooth, coffee will allow them to reach their goal. Many people gather to “grab a cup of coffee” and socialize with friends or acquaintances. It is a drink for those who want to live their best lives.

Coffee is massively popular for good reason. Anybody who wants a strong pick-me-up or to enjoy a tasty treat will be satisfied with coffee.

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Why coffee is better than tea